Vulnerabilities Of Vehicle Windows

A broken window is another entry point into your vehicle.

Breaking the windows now is a low-tech method to defeating sophisticated vehicle security systems

Smash And Grab thieves only take 5-10 seconds to break a car window.

These criminals know that car alarms will not sound off if they break the window using silent tools like a center punch or concealable sharp implements.

Even security films are only designed to slow the thief or vandal.

The lack of reliable glass breakage sensors has allowed theft to occur in broad daylight

Our focused group study of theft victims indicate that average loss per car owner is nearly S$600. While window breakage cannot be prevented, detection of glass breakage is imperative as one cannot predict the actions of the thief.

Our Solution

Shatter Alert™ is the world's first easy to install, mounted on glass breakage sensor that is immune to false alarms and cannot be fooled without triggering the alarm.

Accurate Glass Break Detection

No False Alarms

Easy to install

Patent Pending

Film sensor pasted on glass(This is a 5 inch sensor sample)

Side view

Our technology

The technology found our Shatter Alert™ sensors is adapted from technology of your modern smartphone. The thin film sensor acts like a sticker, all you have to do is to remove the adhesive lining, and paste it onto the window/glass. The sensor will only detect cracks to the glass under or damage to the sensor or the sensor wire.

Our Film Sensors come in different shapes and sizes for the different windows of the vehicle and their thickness varies from 0.6mm-1.2mm, they can be pasted on anywhere the glass surface

This technology can easily be adapted for other security/safety/anti tamper detection applications such as:

Home Security

Building Security

Tamper Detection Security

Fatigue Crack/Fault Safety Monitoring

Typical Installation Diagram

Why Should I Use Shatter Alert™?

By implementing a reliable glass breakage sensor such as Shatter Alert, your existing security systems can be configured to provide hard-kill mechanisms such as

  • Sending alerts to owners/law enforcement authorities
  • Disabling the engine
  • Activating loud sirens
Vehicles branded with Shatter Alert will offer deterrence value to the thieves, resulting in cost savings to the customers as thieves would choose other less protected vehicles.

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